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Integral helium portal leak testing equipment for Compressor


  • Chamber fit onto outwardly mobile adapter table
  • Massive leak detection
  • Gross leak detection by means of pressure loss measurements
  • Helium gross leak detection
  • Helium fine leak detection
  • Cycle time can be adapted to customer's specific needs by selection of right pumpsystem
  • Helium recovery with >95 % recovery rate

Technical details

Cycle time 28 sec.
Leak rate 5 g/a R134a
2.6 · 10-5 mbarl/s
Test pressure 3.0 bar abs.   0 bar
Helium concentration 100 % He
Signal stability 1.5 % of 100 readings

kompressor verdampfereinheiten 01 kompressor verdampfereinheiten 02 kompressor verdampfereinheiten 03

Integral helium leak testing equipment for Heat exchangers


Double chamber system

  • Process visualization WinCC
  • High serviceability
  • Automatic test specimen adaptation
  • Quick tool change
  • Type-specific test labels with barcode
  • Automatic marking of "Go" parts
  • Gas supplied to evaporator via coaxial pipes

Technical details:

Cycle time 22 sec.
Leak rate 5 g/a R134a
2.6 · 10-5 mbarl/s
Test pressure 15 bar abs.   0 bar
Helium concentration 20% He

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Test specimen from Refrigeration/air conditioning technology
  • Refrigerant hoses
    - integral testing in a double chamber unit
    - localized testing automatic sniffer system for leak detection
  • Complete air conditioning systems for passenger cars and commercial vehicles
  • Blowers and filter systems
  • Condensers and evaporators
  • Hermetically sealed compressors
  • Charge-air coolers