MLTS1 - Modulares Helium Lecktestsystem


MLTS1The new Modular Helium Leak Test System MLTS1 from Seiler Vakuumtechnik GmbH has been developed with the intention to combine quality and reliability in a flexible test system.

The system sets new standards  for series and single production worldwide. Short change-overs between different test specimen will be possible by application of special fixtures. In addition, short cycle times can be reached by optimizing the internal volume of the vacuum chamber. Only reliable components of high quality are installed in the test system. Using the MLTS1 enables you to optimize your product quality to the maximum.rn.


MLTS1The MLTS1 combines the following features:

  • Stand-alone unit with integrated PLC, vacuum system and gas supply
  • Helium mass spectrometer type ASI20MD and vacuum pumps from ADIXEN
  • Base plate for installation of special fixtures
  • Test pressure max 60bar (870psi), switch points are free adjustable
  • Automatic internal calibration of the helium mass spectrometer (temperature compensated)
  • Automatic calibration cycle for definition of the machine factor
  • Automatic parameter change-over for up to 7 different fixtures (binary code)
  • Analogue manometers to display test pressure and inside vacuum
  • PLC system S7/300, CPU314 with TP170B bluemode
  • Online languages: German, English, Spanish
  • Manual load and connection

MLTS1General test cycle

  • Manual load and adaption of test specimen in the fixture
  • Manual close of vacuum chamber
  • Evacuation of vacuum chamber
  • Parallel to the chamber evacuation step we perform a gross leak test by pressure decay with inside evacuation afterwards
  • Helium background measurement
  • Helium filling
  • Venting of vacuum chamber and pressure release to atmosphere
  • After evacuation of test specimen

Integrated testing modes

MLTS1On the operating panel you can select the following testing modes:

  • Integral leak test with gas supply
  • Integral leak test for pre-filled test specimen
  • Sniffing mode with gas supply
  • Sniffing mode without gas supply

More informations you will find in our product brochure MLTS1